Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Arsenic Flower by Scot D. Ryersson

A British nobleman; a prominent lawyer; a renowned physician; and a famed judge of Her Majesty’s court—all marked for murder. But by whom, and why? The only clue is a mysterious green flower, which holds the secret to a diabolical plan of revenge; one whose thorny roots plunge deep into the long buried past. Its mastermind, an exquisite living corpse of a youth, in whose icy veins poison flows. Here is an erotic tale of a supernatural settling of scores, set in the absinthe-tinged hothouse era of late-Victorian decadence. One ripe with intrigue, suspense, and horror, interwoven with forbidden passions and unrequited desires that will stir the blood of any reader.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
This is the most extraordinary and insane tale about revenge I've ever read! There is a saying that illustrates perfectly this story: "revenge is a dish best served cold" and here the word COLD takes on a whole new meaning... it's merciless and deadly!

It takes a very gifted and skillful writer to be able to create a story and mix it with historical, mythological, and literary references without being boring or overpowering. On the contrary the story is very craftily balanced. I was quiet literally absorbed by the book and its very strange and very highly intoxicating atmosphere. This is a perfect mystery that keeps you in suspense; tension gets higher each time a dead body is discovered; dark, secret passions, and unspeakable elements about the past resurface after years of oblivion...

I love this book for its unusual and flourish descriptions with words of a past long gone, I love its poesy, dark humor, and irony. The paranormal component is very elusive at first, a touch here and there. All these elements combined give this story its unique atmosphere and add such an incredible depth. Many clues are scattered here and there but they really make sense only at the end of the story, where everything is revealed and becomes clear.

This tale shows the worst in men, hypocrisy, intolerance, envy, and greediness but luckily there is something called poetic justice!

Of course it could have been longer and of course I would have liked to know more about the main character's past history but this does not diminish the quality and originality of this story.

This book is as good and engrossing as Summer's Lease I read some time ago but very different. I love this writer. I give 5/5.

Publisher: Bristlecone Pine Press


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the super review. I would not have given this book a passing glance if not for your review. Now I know how it is presented and I would like to read it. Great job!
laura thomas

Anonymous said...

Well thanks a lot, it's very unique indeed but so worth reading !

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