Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Come & Play: Video Games by Jupiner Grey

Matt Harding is a university student with an open love of video games and a secret curiosity for cock. Things get complicated after he explores this curiosity with his housemate, Rafe, one evening when they’re home alone. Matt must decide whether to fight the attraction he feels for Rafe, or embrace it and find out just where it all might lead.

Reviewer: PurpleRose
Matt and Rafe have shared a house with two of their other friends since the start of uni. The two of them spend most of their free time together playing video games or watching tv. One day Matt tells Rafe that he wants to know what it's like to touch another guy but the two are quickly interrupted making things awkward between them for a month until they finally agree to forget about it. Sometime later, Matt realizes that he still can't stop thinking about Rafe and decides he wants to try being with him again and maybe even trying for a relationship.

This is the first book I've read by Juniper Grey but I don't plan on it being the last. I loved this short story but like many shorts, I just wish it had been longer. This friends to lovers story was done in a pretty believable way, with Matt being unsure of his feelings for Rafe and Rafe thinking Matt is just messing with him or just wants to try it once. The start of this story was also pretty funny because it seems like they are in the middle of a war zone but turns out they are in the middle of a game.

I'm giving this story 4.5 stars and would love to read more about these two or see an extended novel about them.

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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