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Tanar's Forbidden Love (Chornicles of The Vampire Society 2) by Topaz Jordyn

A twist of fate brought them together. Tanar is injured and in desperate need of Sloane’s assistance. Sloane becomes intrigued and enamored with this tall, dark, handsome stranger. She yearns for his touch, and cannot get him out of her mind. Will Sloane finally find love in Tanar’s arms?

Tanar is torn between his loyalty to the Vampire Society and the love of a human female. He battles to hold onto both. Tanar must battle an old enemy, and try to discover the identity of a new threat to his people—a traitor among them.

The discovery of a new vamp drug, “Black Magic”, has hit the streets and was spreading faster than crack among humans and vamps alike. Is Black Magic the advantage the Shadow Dwellers need to finally become day walkers? Or will the Omega warriors put a stop to this growing threat before they accomplish their goal?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
This book had incredible potential, if only it was narrated in a different way. In theory, it has passion, action, and romance. But the way it is written, it is just a boring book. And how it starts is just awful. It is the second book of Chronicles of the Vampire Society's series and it is not a stand alone book.

The Shadow Dwellers and the Omega Warriors are vampires. The Shadow Dwellers drink human blood while the Omega Warriors take a pills that has all they need. Tanar, an Omega Warrior, is hurt while fighting against some Shadow Dwellers and he is saved by a human, Sloane Ryan Truhart. But he leaves a week after, without telling his name.

The first scene between the characters is deplorable. He can't stop thinking about her, but he doesn’t remember the exact time that passed from the first moment he saw her: “It had only been a month or so.” Then he breaks into her house, watches her sleeping. We read first that the sheet is “the only barrier between him and her luscious form”, and then moments later she's suddenly wearing a T-shirt and panties. And when she awakes and realizes that he is real and he is the stranger she helped a month ago, she doesn’t scream; just kisses him back. When he stops, she begs him to stay and make her his.

This is not the end, they have sex, unprotected sex, she is a virgin, and Sloane doesn’t even know his name, and then only moments later he tells her that he is a vampire! Can a book be more absurd than that? Oh, wait, he bit her, starting her conversion to a vampire and she could be pregnant. And all this happens in the first 12 pages.

After that, the story slows down, becoming a very boring and large book. Sloane finally discovers what happened with her grandmother, who disappeared when she was little, that Tanar had a fiancée when he was with her the first weeks and what could happen if she gets kidnapped by the Shadow Dwellers.

Like I said, the start is horrible. The rest is not good, but not soooo bad. The characters are all caricatures, no depth. None are believable, the closest to reality is Sloane. But Tanar is the worst character I’ve ever read about. Ms. Topaz Jordyn has no idea of how a man should act in some situations, other than the stereotypical chauvinist male.

I recommend you stay away and save yourself the trouble, it's not worth it. 2 stars.

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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