Monday, April 2, 2012

Thanks a Million by Dee Dawning

As far as billionaire Stuart Wynne is concerned, Fallon, is the girl who got away. While Stuart is preoccupied with another woman, Fallon is swept off her feet by a lowly pit boss. After a whirlwind courtship with the devilishly handsome, Dana Allen, Fallon marries him before Stuart even realizes anything’s amiss.

Done deal, right? Maybe, but never count Stuart out. As a master card player, he has yet to play all his cards. Starting at the annual hotel Christmas party, Stewart’s plan unfolds. Using money, sexual fantasies and maternal instinct as his tools to drive a wedge between the unsuspecting couple.

Will it succeed? Stuart bets millions it will.

Reviewer: Jasmine
Thanks a Million is about the moves made by billionaire Stuart Wynne, to recover Fallon, his girlfriend, who now is married to an employee Dana Allen. Dana and Fallon both work at Stuart's HOTEL CASINO.

His plan began at the annual Christmas party and Stuart used everything, from sexual fantasies to the maternal instinct to win Fallon back...

This story is very explosive and very hot. Dee Dawning wrote a very good story, I recommend reading it and give it 4 stars.

Publisher: New Dawning International Bookfair
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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