Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Illicit Engagement (The Gentlemen Next Door 2) by Cecilia Gray

Lord Lucas Willoughby earned his moniker as the Matchmaking Baron after his six engagements ended with each lady happily wed - to someone else. He swears off marriage proposals, until his headstrong neighbor proposes something else entirely.

Chastity Drummond has her sights set on a man who barely sees her as a woman much less a potential wife. She can't seem to get him on bended knee, but knows an engagement to the Matchmaking Baron will turn his head.

Lucas and Chastity's charade takes on a life of its. As feigned attraction becomes real, they wonder if they might already be perfectly matched.

Their illicit engagement will inevitably end in marriage – but to whom?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Although Chastity Drummond told her best friend that she enjoyed her Seasons, this was her third, she didn’t.
Chastity had spent years regaling Francesca with tales of London society life—the packed ballrooms, the joyous dancing, the dashing men—while her best friend had been isolated in the countryside mourning her mother’s death. But they had been just that. Tales. Fanciful falsity designed to lift her friend’s spirits, and perhaps her own.
The truth was far more pathetic. In most social circles, no one paid Chastity any attention…
Of course, anyone who was anyone invited Chastity Drummond… to their social gatherings. Of course, anyone who was anyone was polite to Chastity Drummond, especially if one wanted a piece of her father’s company were he ever to offer shares to the public as it was rumored was inevitable.
She just wanted to assure the family fortune and security. That’s why she'd have to marry Mr. Highster, who was known to be responsible for forming Britain’s trade lines.
Mr. Highster, with his clean manners, advantageous connections to Parliament in the shipping trade, and need for an heiress—because what good gentleman didn’t need an heiress?—would do nicely.
So why is she having feelings for Lord Lucas Willoughby, Chastity’s neighbor? Although he had six fiancées and lost them,
he was not a rake, not ill-tempered, not dramatic, and not given to fits of poetry like some of the more ridiculous men who shared his Byronic looks. He was an agreeable sort, kind, generous.
So after six of his engagements have ended with the lady happily wed to someone else and each of the husbands came into mysterious and fortuitous titles and riches mere weeks after their marriages, he gets the name the Matchmaking Baron… and Chastity decides to take advantage of it by asking him to act as if they are engaged.

However, they start having feelings for each other and now Lucas has to decide if he truly loves Chastity and if he dares fight for her.

It was a wonderful story, with credible characters and storyline. Although short, I totally recommend it and give it 4.5 stars.

Publisher: Self Published


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