Monday, April 30, 2012

Rose & Thorn by Maia Strong

Eamon Quinn, a newly minted actor from a small university town, is auditioning for a position with Rose & Thorn Theatrics. He's up to the acting challenge; he's not so sure he's up to life in the big city. That is, until he finds a friend in Jasper Davison. Jasper is intrigued by Eamon, certain that he, like Jasper, is a mountain-born, Druid-touched soul.

When both men are hired as journeymen by Rose & Thorn, the kindred spirits soon become lovers, and catch the eye of the company's head apprentice, HJ Greenhills. Their flirtations are lighthearted, but bad luck plagues the theater. Accidents, injuries, and a sudden death have given rise to rumors of a curse. The power of three is a mighty force in Druid magic – is it powerful enough to stop the destruction of Rose & Thorn?

Reviewer: Fashionta
It's nice to read a ménage where the author has taken the time to explore the relationships between the characters and how they formed. This was more of sweet romance with the relationships then the usual all sex ones and I enjoyed this a lot as there was more depth to the characters then usual.

I have to give this book five stars, the author's writing style made this book excellent and I look forward to reading more of her books. This book is perfect for those searching for more than the typical ménage story, this is one of these rare finds.

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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