Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bitter Black Kiss by Michelle Clay

Former event planner Nicole Riley lost not only her job, but part of her humanity when a concert in L.A., fails catastrophically and the band attacks a rival werewolf pack. Now Nicky keeps her "inner beast" subdued by taking wolfs bane and refuses to become a monster. She's trying to rebuild her reputation and manages the Bitter Black nightclub where Brody Dunn is the dee-jay.

Brody Dunn, a former special crimes detective turned private investigator, plays on Nicole's sympathy by claiming to have just suffered a wolf bite. He keeps his past, careers, agenda and just about everything else from Nicole - except for his attraction.

They have bigger problems than Brody's lies. Nicole's boss is a ruthless druglord, determined to have Nicole for himself. The danger increases for everyone when he challenges the local Alpha. If they survive, and she can forgive Brody's betrayal, will she accept what they've become?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Former event planner Nicole Riley was living in a world where the lycan virus struck twice. The second outbreak rocked the nation a few years after the first one and the government couldn’t contain it. It was almost impossible to tell how many died or how many were carriers.

The virus was blood borne, transferable via saliva, blood, or semen. If it didn’t kill the unfortunate, it altered them. Sometimes it was unnoticeable to normal people, like increased sight or hearing. Others who were more affected by the virus would be transformed entirely. They grew fur and became animalistic. Nicole knew what could happen from a bite; her boyfriend, Aaron, terrorized her for two years and gave her the virus. And she was taking Wolfsbane trying to control the beast.

She started to work six months ago for Sean Stone, running one of his nightclubs named The Wolf’s Den; he was a Lycan and he wanted her. However, Nicole wanted the newest DJ, Brody Dunn.

He was the best cop on the force, in only a year he became detective. The jealousy and rumors had hurt his reputation and when they discovered that he was a lycan, they did all they could to ruin his career. And they succeeded; he was kicked off the force.

And now he was trying to find proof that Stone killed several people and was dealing Beast, BST, a drug that drives normal people crazy while it’s in their system, it makes them believe they’re a wolf. It’s also suppose to enable Lycans to shift faster, with less difficulty or pain, but it doesn't always work and it’s illegal.

It was a wonderful read and I really enjoyed it. It has suspense, action, passion, and love. All the scenes were written in such a way that we feel connected with the characters at every step. The story unwraps bit by bit and doesn’t give us a chance to rest. And it's a large book so the story isn't rushed; letting us enjoy it all until the end. I've added Ms. Michelle Clay to my growing list of favorite writers and I rate the book 5 stars.

Publisher: Crescent Moon Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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