Monday, April 16, 2012

Kissing is Easy by Allison Cassatta

It should be just another day for best friends Parker and Toby, not much different than any other day they’ve spent hanging out over the past fifteen years. But it isn’t just another day. Toby thinks Parker is freaking out because his girlfriend broke up with him. He has no idea that Parker is actually losing his shit because he just figured out he has feelings for Toby. At least, he has no idea until Parker kisses him.

Now Toby’s the one flipping out. Terrified of what his family might do if they find out he’s gay, he’s stayed in the closet for years and had no intentions of coming out. Now Toby has to decide what to do: keep Parker as a friend and live his life in fear… or take the plunge, stand up for himself, and take a chance on love.

Reviewer: TigerLily
Parker and Toby have been best friends since forever but after Parker's ex accuses him of being in love with Toby he starts to wonder if it might be true. Not being able to think about anything else, out of nowhere Parker kisses Toby at one of there local hang out places. At first Toby acts like he is furiously mad but turns out he was only made because he thought Parker figured out that he was gay and had been crushing on him for years.

I really loved this story, I thought that the emotions that Parker was experiencing felt very real for how a boy would feel when struggling with his sexuality. I also liked how he didn't want to rush into having sex with Toby because he didn't know if he was only feeling this way because of what Sam said or if he really was even into Toby.

The only problem I had with this book were a few what the heck moments, like the entire thing involving Christian. I really didn't get most of those scenes, like if Christian had been in love with Toby why would Toby tell Parker he was a user and would do anything to sleep with him, it read a little weird to me. The ending was left pretty open to there being lots of future problems for both Parker and Toby and I would love to read what happened to these two next. I'm giving this story 5 stars.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


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