Friday, April 20, 2012

Blood Mage Rising (The Dream-Walker War 2) by Tory Michaels

Blood Rage was just the beginning. Blood-Mage Rising runs contemporaneously with Rage.

In the eighty years since the Great Awakening, humans and non-humans have lived side by side, relatively at peace. In an attack that leaves his wife dead, Jordan MacNaught is caught up in the start of a war meant to turn the other races against the vampires. He knows beyond a doubt the vampires of yesteryear are not involved in the attacks. They're all dead, except for him.

Jordan asks for Chris Javert's help in hunting those who murdered his wife. She's no stranger to hunting vampires. After all, she nearly destroyed Jordan when she ended the reign of his Aristocrats in Europe two hundred years ago.

Barely convinced of his innocence, but determined not to let the interspecies peace she helped foster die, Chris joins forces with the man who once tried to kill her to stop the Aristocrats before it's too late.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
To say that Chris has a complicated relationship with Jordan would be a huge understatement. He buried her and she almost killed him for that. Still, they couldn’t go more than ten years without tangling the sheets.
Yeah, she found her addiction to the sociopath fantastic. One of these days, he’d snap and try to bury her again.
Jordan offers her a deal that could guaranty the safeness of Chris’ friend; he will bind in a binding curse in exchange of her help in finding the ones who recently killed his wife. All they knew was that it was the Aristocrats who did it. And that they was killing humans and non-humans all over the world.
If a condition of the curse is breached, body boils and eyes leaking blood will be the least of the breaching party’s problems.
“I’m willing to bind myself in such a curse with you. If you help me track down the ones who killed my wife, I will never go near Athdara again. She will be safe from me and my agents.”
Still, hours after their bind, Chris is attacked and she almost dies; Jordan saves her because her death will mean his death, since they are bonded together as the two of them are blood-mage (vamps and mages). Also, Jordan promises Chris he will teach her to use her magic, although he used to hunt mage-born for the Circle.

They soon discover that someone by the name of Ares, a dream-walker, is the one who leads the Aristocrats, but they don’t know that he is closer than they think to his ultimate task.

This is the second book of The Dream-Walker War’s series and I have to say I liked the first one more. The main characters disappointed me. I like my heroes to be redeemed. Not to read about a killing machine who never feel remorse or pity but loves the smell of the fear, and enjoys the torture from time to time. As for Chris, I felt like she's half done… that there was a part of her that's missing.

Although I liked the storyline, I can only rate it 3.5 stars.

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


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