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Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack 1) by Suzanne Wright

If your inner wolf and your body react rather enthusiastically to a psychotic Alpha male who’s own wolf has a tendency to turn feral, it can’t be a good thing, can it? Entering into a bargain with him wouldn’t be good either. Unfortunately, Taryn Warner, a latent wolf shifter, doesn’t have many options open to her right now. Okay, she has no options. Basically it comes down to whether she’ll do what it takes to escape the arranged mating with the sick SOB that her father set up. As the answer in this case is yes, it looks as though she’ll have to agree to Trey Coleman’s deal…she’ll have to mate with him instead.

Having always disliked shifter politics, Trey Coleman hadn’t bothered trying to form alliances with other packs. Now that his uncle – a wolf with many alliances – means to take Trey’s territory and his pack, he has no option but to form some alliances of his own very quickly or he’ll be easily outnumbered in the upcoming battle. He figures that the easiest way to do that would be to mate with a female who’s Alpha is powerful and influential. There’s only one problem with that – he would then be stuck with her, and the last thing Trey wants is a mate. When he hears of Taryn’s situation, he offers her a deal – if she falsely claims he’s her true mate and allows him to claim her, he’ll save her from her arranged mating and then let her leave after the battle with his uncle is over.

Sounds like a pretty straightforward deal...but soon Taryn and Trey realize they got more than they bargained for. Their mating instincts to protect and possess are weighing on them, they crave each other’s touch and company, and their inner wolves don’t like it whenever they’re apart. Add in that they’ll have to deal with this for an entire three months until the day of the battle finally arrives, and they’ve got themselves a recipe for disaster – or maybe for something quite the opposite.

Warning: This novel contains an extremely sarcastic Alpha female, a broody possessive Alpha male, bitter in-laws, voyeuristic enforcers, a whole lot of dirty talk, and steamy bedroom battles for dominance. Reader Advisory: This book also contains a graphic ménage scene - not for the faint-hearted.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
When Taryn, a latent, a healer, and the daughter of a powerful Alpha, wakes up in a strange bed, smelling a yummy scent, and with no memories of how did she got there, she is stunned. And when she realizes who holds her, she should be terrified… it was Trey Coleman.
He was kind of like the Black Mamba snake; fiercely aggressive, had a bad reputation, and was respected, admired, and feared all at the same time. That had a lot to do with the rumor that he had challenged and almost killed a mature Alpha male at the delicate age of fourteen. A mature Alpha male who had also been his father.
After the challenge, Trey had been banished and those who hadn’t agreed with the decision had left with him. Together they had formed their own pack with Trey as the Alpha.

But her stupid inner wolf found him very attractive and his scent addictive.
Given that she was in the company of – or, more accurately, being confined by – a person who wasn’t at all mentally stable, you would think her wolf would be at least a little nervous. Taryn certainly was beneath her anger. Oh not at all! Her wolf wanted to rub against him enticingly, recognising his scent as the one from the bedroom. Tramp.
He makes a deal with her. If she fakes a true mate bond, she could avoid matting with a jerk her father wants as an ally and he would have a powerful ally as her father in his fight against his uncle.

However, they have some troubles to defeat: there is a traitor, working from the shadows, determinate to see Trey destroyed by the death of his mate. And he is helping Trey’s uncle. And the fake true mate bond wasn’t as fake as they thought.

I love the relationship Trey and Taryn have; they are strong, they are alpha, and they are crazy for each other. And who, of the women reading this book, wouldn’t dream of having her personal Trey? If someone says no, I’ll call her a liar. With lines like this above, it is impossible to not love the book.
His wolf had…missed her. He brooded and fretted when he wasn’t around her, pushing at Trey to go hunt her down. Whenever he was around her, his wolf wanted to lick every inch of her and roll around in her scent. It was dumb and it was pathetic and it made Trey want to kick his wolf’s ass.
Taryn was honestly starting to feel sorry for him. He obviously thought he had some sort of authority over her and she believed it would be a while before it became apparent to him that the female he had taken as his mate did her own thing.
“Okay, okay, I got a better one. If your left leg is Thanksgiving, and your right leg is Christmas, can I visit you between the holidays?”
“I’d never purposely hurt you. Never. I’m a man which means I’ll fuck up. Regularly. I’m not good with words, I spout crap when I’m angry, and I’m about as romantic as a pebble. But…See, I’m not good with words. All I can say is you’re important to me in a way I can’t explain or understand. More important to me than anything else.”
“How does it feel? To know you hold my sanity in your hands?” If he lost her, if she left his life, his sanity would go right along with her.
She smiled, brushing her nose against his. “Trey, whatever makes you think that you’re sane now?”
Wow!!! Ms. Suzanne Wright took me in a world full of laughs, love, joy, and passion. Although it is a very large book, I couldn’t stop until the very end. This book is a book you should mark to read, because it’s worth it. It won’t let you down. 5 stars, although I would give her a lot more if I could.


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