Thursday, April 5, 2012

By Surprise by Alyssa Turner

Sex that's twice as good, love that's three times stronger.

When Jodi returned to Burlington after a nasty divorce, broke and without a much needed place to sculpt, she never expected to bump into Paxton, her best friend from growing up. With her unresolved feelings for him still smoldering, it was a shock to find him married—to a great guy. But when Paxton and Nicholas offer her a room for rent in their too-big, too-expensive Victorian, complete with a turret to use as her art studio, it seems like the perfect solution for everyone. Until Jodi overhears Nicholas and Paxton making love—and finds herself burning hotter than she ever imagined.

Nicholas always knew his husband Paxton was bi-sexual, but finding his forgotten stash of cheerleader DVDs makes him wonder if Paxton's been tamping down his old desires. As strong as their love is, he knows there are things he just can't give Paxton...or can he? He decides to get Paxton a very special birthday present—a night with a woman—a no-strings arrangement to grant him the fantasies Nicholas isn't equipped to fulfill. But when he meets Paxton's best friend Jodi, Nicholas finds himself facing new feelings of his own. If only he could stop imagining Jodi's body wedged between Paxton and him and figure out what to do...

Reviewer: Fashionta
This is the first book I've read by this author and I enjoyed this ménage story. Yes I used the word story because it not one sex filled book that has no storyline, in fact this has a great storyline and the sex scenes are hot and steamy but it not just one big sex scene.

Nicholas, who goes by Nicky, and Paxton have been happily married for two years and then Nicky lose his job and it sets off a series of events that leads to Paxton meetting his old friend Jodi. Now Jodi has crush on Paxton and Paxton has crush on Jodi from their childhood days. So what to do, Paxton invites Jodi to move in to help them pay the bill.

First most of this story is interesting and clever in building the foundations of this ménage, the clever plot which starts when Nicky finds Peyton's secret stash of porn and guessing he's bi-sexual and needs to have a sex with a girl and decides to organise a girl to have a ménage with as his birthday present. You think you know what happens right? Well, you need to read this book and be surprised. I have to give this book 4.5 stars, this book will keeping you guessing whether or not this ménage is going to happen.

Publisher: Etopia Press


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