Saturday, April 21, 2012

Under a Vampire Moon (Argeneau 16) by Lynsay Sands

After a bad relationship and an even worse divorce, Carolyn decides to go on a long overdue and much needed vacation with the 'girls'. Only the rest of the vacationers didn't get the memo. Around every corner there seems to be another couple celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary and the few single men she does see are far too young to even consider, including an irresistibly attractive rock violinist she meets. It's really too bad he's so young but in the end it doesn't matter because according to his cousin, Giacinta, women in general aren't Christian's type.

But there's a catch, Christian needs Carolyn's help. He needs her to be his beard (to play the part of his fake girlfriend) for the week to appease his 'machismo' family. Carolyn just can't seem to say No and decides to help Gia's cousin. The only problem is that being around Christian and acting like they are a loving couple is wreaking havoc on her emotions. Carolyn's thoughts keep drifting back to places they shouldn't, like kissing his full lips or feeling his broad shoulders under her fingertips... good lord, she's in trouble.

Reviewer: Fashionta
When Carolyn Connor escapes from her ten year marriage, her best friend Bethany persuades her to go with her to St. Lucia, to visit one of their best friends. There she meets Marguerite Argeneau, who was on her honeymoon and Marguerite finds her perfect for her son. So she calls him to come there with his band, his own cousins.

When Carolyn fights her attraction for Marguerite’s son Christian, his cousin, Gia, declares him gay and asks her to be Christian’s pretended girlfriend so he could spend time with his life mate; and touch her; and kiss her. Pretended kisses, of course.
Every scrape of his teeth, and every lave of his tongue along her ear had sent pleasure cascading through his own body as if she were actually doing it to him. It was something Christian had never experienced before, so he hadn’t realized how powerful a punch it would carry.
Christian had only stopped when he had because he’d been a heartbeat away from bearing her down onto the sand and completely blowing his cover story of being gay.
Just when everything finally was all right and Christian confesses that he wasn’t gay and he loves Carolyn, she sees one of his cousins feeding.

Wow!!! This book has a wonderful humor. It’s hilarious how Christian tries to assure Carolyn that he is gay so she wouldn’t run from him. So if you are searching a paranormal romance with tons of humor, this is the perfect book for you. It won’t let you down. 5 stars

Publisher: HarperCollins


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