Thursday, April 5, 2012

Superstar by Dana April

Chrissie is a twenty-one-year-old actress and singer living the dream of superstardom. She travels the world on concert tours, owns a home in Hollywood, and has a pop singer as her boyfriend. But she doesn’t want any of this. What she wants is to have a normal life like everyone else.

While in Aspen for a celebrity dinner, she catches her boyfriend cheating and has had enough. She decides to leave her old life behind without telling anyone. She gets in a car and heads into a snowstorm in the mountains.

She doesn’t make it far in the storm before her car is hopelessly stranded. Coming to her rescue are three rugged and handsome brothers. The only problem is they don’t know who she is.

Whoever wrote the blurb for this book made a big mistake! The blurb states
The only problem is they don’t know who she is.
Well they DO know, take a look at this scene just after they reach the cabin and Scott, one of the brothers, even checked his facts before revealing it to his brothers.
“I know who she is.” Scott spoke for the first time in an hour. Both Ethan and Brad turned to him. “I know who Chrissie is,” he told them again and got up from his seat on the couch holding his phone and walked over to them.”
“We have Chrissie Murphy in the bedroom, guys,” Scott whispered to them.
Well even before this scene when they first meet, Scott indicated he knew who she was. I was annoyed over the blurb's inaccuracy and that changed the story for me in a major way. The story is great and the writing is solid but this mistake shows the problem I've been seeing with blurbs. I have to give 4 stars, because it was one of the better stories I've read from Siren Publishing for the Ménage Armour Line. The blurb was distracting but the author’s writing made me overlook the mistake to some extent.

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


Em said...

I see these blurb errors a lot, especially on Siren books. Sometimes it leads me to not read the book when I should have picked it up. Great review though, going to add to my TBR

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