Monday, February 13, 2012

WereSlave (Were Legends 1) by Lia Slater

As the Queen of Paqualette, Nayla is forbidden to have a husband or a human lover. Her life is a lonely and disciplined existence, so when she’s given the opportunity to choose a Were from her dungeon as her sex slave, she takes a chance. Werewolves, she knows, are nothing but senseless monsters, but after the one she selects to be her WereSlave turns out to be more of a man than she’s ever known, she must question her beliefs.

As the alpha leader, Mace is responsible for his pack. He’ll do anything to keep them alive, even give into the Queen’s sexual demands. But not unless he’s in control. Turning his enticing captor into the submissive is the only way to show her he’s more man than she realizes. Falling in love is out of the question, but so is leaving her behind.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
A faraway land, named Paqualette, is ruled by a queen, Nayla. She, like all the queens of that land, is forbidden to have a husband or a human lover, so they take an Eran as a WereSlave, and she decides to do the same. Nayla takes as her WereSlave the leader of an Eran pack who was captured days ago.

She expected to hate him, because her family was killed by one years ago, but Mace wasn’t like that. Mace Quinton was a powerful and kind man, who was searching for a place to call home for his pack. They started to fall one for each other, when a traitor strikes and tries to kill the queen.

Amazing story, about love and hate. Mace, her supposed enemy protects her while one of hers own tries to kill her. So not everybody who can change into a beast is a best. Excellent characters, full of feelings and intensity, credible story, marvelous style, Ms. Lia Slater has everything that a good writer needs. I recommend her and I've added her to my favorites writers. 4.5 stars

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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