Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Highland Crossings by Laurie Alice Eakes, Pamela Griffin, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, and Gina Welborn

An heirloom brooch unites the lives and loves of four women in historic North Carolina. Seona flees Scotland with the brooch in tow hoping to find peace before her past is revealed. Fiona tries to recover the heirloom but ends up on the whipping block—with her rescuer a man she’s not sure she can trust. Seren sells the brooch but soon regrets giving up something so precious for what could be a hopeless dream. Brynna seeks to reclaim the stolen brooch but risks losing something even more valuable in the process. Will God’s path become clear in a new world?

Reviewer: Fashionta
This story takes the reader from Scotland to America and follows one heirloom brooch and four girls through the generations. I loved these stories for different reasons. Seona’s story I loved because she was not afraid that she was accused of being a witch and acted as healer. It was tough in those days, so I liked seeing a woman doing a job that was still a man’s job. Fiona and her problems, that girl just couldn’t get a break. Seren made lollies but would people think they aren't medicine? Brynna is obsessed with history and her passion shows it but the dreams she has will they be haunted by her broken heart which has held her back?

I give this book 4 stars. It was nice to see the clear connections between the four girls and understand their place in their family history. I've read books where this has failed miserably and leaves you guessing. I also included the Young Adult tag as this anthology is suitable for that reader.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing, Inc.
Review Courtesy Of: NetGalley


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