Monday, February 6, 2012

Breanna by Karen Nichols

Breanna Cooper had a quiet kind of life. Her parents had loved her and pampered her; she worked hard to make her coffee and tea shop a success in the small tourist town of Newport on the coast of Washington. When she went to open the shop that one morning, everything turned upside down. One minute she was standing before the ornate door in early May and the next she was lying in front of a fireplace with a pair of men staring down at her.

A blonde and a brunette. She closed her eyes, wondering if she were dreaming but when the tawny lashes opened, they were still there, sexy as ever.

Then the sharp pain in her head made itself known. And she panicked.

Reviewer: QueenBee
The concept of this story sounded interesting, Breanna the female heroine is of fey and demon royalty but doesn’t know her true identity. She appears to be ugly to others and the world appears rose tinted to her, until a series of events of happen.

This is what drew me to the book and honestly it was a great book until the last couple of chapters. The author had a careful balance of everything and the way she wrote this book and the length of the book seemed perfect for the twists and turns developing in the story. I thought this book was going to be at least 4 stars or above for me but then the ending changed my mind.

We knew there was an enemy and in fact we meet her and believe everything is okay as the main suspect is someone else. But when the enemy is revealed, I was disappointed. It was just a matter of oh she's the enemy. Come on! Where's the actual fighting scene and the more thorough explanation of why the person did it than just the couple of sentences we got. It's not a bad book but the ending made me give the book 3.5 stars.


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