Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hunting Jaguar (Spellbound For Love 1) by D. McEntire

Rachel Hayes’ father set out to prove the existence of the Miloni Temple and the Jaguar People. Searching for him, she finds her guide shot execution style, she’s chased into the Amazon jungle by gun toting militia, has a face-to-face encounter with a black jaguar, and encounters a tall, tan and then-some man with golden eyes and a strong desire to get her out of the jungle as fast as he could make her walk.

Tumi, a descendent of the Miloni race, is sworn to protect their secret. But, Rachel touches him like no other. Can Tumi deter Rachel from taking up her father’s quest, one which has caused blood to spill for centuries, and stop her from getting too close to the truth? Or will he be forced to uphold his lethal vow at the cost of his heart, and Rachel’s life?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Before they move away, four girls cast a love spell. The girls were Rachel, Becca, Tess, and Mindy.

The years have passed and Rachel Hayes is now an archaeologist. But she gets into trouble while searching for the Miloni Temple and Tumi, a shape shifter jaguar saved her life. When the same men try again to kill her, will Tumi be there to save her one more time?

This is the first book of the Spellbound For Love’s series and it should be read in the order of the release.

Ms. D. McEntire brings us an interesting concept, two shape shifters protecting their jaguar Temple, killing all people who approach the temple; protecting their secrets, their hidden treasures. However, when one of them falls in love, Ms. D. McEntire gives us a great story that I enjoyed and I give it 4 stars.

Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing


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