Friday, February 10, 2012

A Lady of the Realm (House of DeDe 1) by Sharon E. Mamolo

Bethany Boudreaux is tired of being a damn peasant. Her mother, a born again human who rejects her witch bloodline, has kept Beth secluded and ignorant for most of her life. Beth wants to eat, preferably twice a day. She’d like a grand home, with a fully stocked bar. She’s tired of eking out an existence while the rich freaks get all the breaks. She’ll do anything to claim what is, by law, hers. She needs help, lots of it, because paperwork can be a *****.

When Beth learns Lord Aleksander is coming to visit her club, she grabs a stiff drink and waits. The dark elf of Losalfar is the perfect solution to her current legal problems. He’s obscenely rich, a top member of the hierarchy, about to inherit region two, including New Orleans, but most importantly to her … he’s a man. Men are so easy, regardless of race. With his help, she can have money, power and a title of her own. All she needs to do to gain his assistance is agree to three measly conditions.

Reviewer: QueenBee
What you do when you want to train yourself to become a witch and regain your family line but your family is either dead or has renounced their line as far you know? Go to the person who controls the region, who ordered the killings, to help you.

Where do I start with this book? I loved it and it's a must read for lovers of the paranormal and urban genre. It's sets the standard for me with new indie authors because of the great writing, the characters, and it beind well–edited book overall. Each of the chapters brought something new to the story, so you never know where the book was going to take you.

The characters of Beth, Lord Aleksander aka Sasha, and Malachi are the perfect foil for each other and the relationship between them is unique and more interesting as time goes by and we delve deeper into the world of houses and lord and ladies who rule America. In this modern day and time everyone is happy in the relationship and both men knows the status they have with Beth and are happy with it.

The research was amazing and details so accurate that you felt that you where there with them. Finally an author who doesn’t only sets her book in New Orleans but explores other areas of Louisiana while using the main party of the year, Mardi Gras as a chapter and not the major plot. I can't say enough about how amazing the fantasy scenes and settings are. There's enough details to satisfy you but still leaves you wanting more and she does the ending exactly with the same treatment where it leavings you wanting more but doesn’t feel incomplete.

I have to give this book 4.5 stars, as I'm still soaking in this wonderful book. I fully recommended that you go and buy this book and support this author. This one of the best Indie books I have read and to top it off this was her debut novel. The second book is already out and stay tuned for the review to be posted soon. Her third novel will be released this summer (USA) and she will be stopping by here in April to have an interview with us.

Publisher: Kindle Edition


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