Monday, February 13, 2012

Solace by Scarlet Blackwell

Victorian gentleman Dorian is looking for company on Christmas Eve and rent boy Benedict fits the bill. Dorian buries his troubles in the delights of the flesh and soon realises one night just won't do...

His peers argue that Victorian gentleman Dorian isn't so much the gentleman anymore since his fall from grace. Dorian's alone on Christmas Eve and looking for solace. Rent boy Benedict steps up to fill the role and his own miserable story is sure to strike a cord with Dorian...

Reviewer: BlackTulip
This is a tale about two lost souls who already suffered because of what they are. Alone on Christmas Eve, they walk down the streets of London in search of someone, anyone. They are both damaged but in a different way.

Dorian is a gentleman who has seen better days, the other, Benedict, is a rent boy trying to make a living. Dorian thought that it would be another quick thing but one look at the young man and he new that it would be different this time. He throws caution to the wind and takes the boy home. This golden-haired boy with emerald eyes has spirit and he likes that.

Neither of them would have guessed that what started as something quite entertaining but rather meaningless and easily forgotten, would change their lives forever.

This is a very well written SHORT story. The description of their night of mutual discovery, intoxicating, and passionate sex is a little gem. They are desperately looking for something and it seems they have found it. They both open their heart to each other. After misery, comes hope.

As always, the length is the problem and despite the quality of the writing and the fact that I want to believe in it, I remained unsatisfied. Nonetheless I don't regret reading it.

These short stories, the more well written they are, the more frustrated you're left, because of course you would have wanted so much more ...

I will overcome my great frustration for a time and give this book 4.5/5.

Publisher: Silver Publishing


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