Friday, February 3, 2012

Lyrical by Victoria Blisse

Living in a world of lyrics, she sings his song and he is powerless to resist. Peter is held back by a lack of self confidence and interacts with people as little as he can manage to get away with, that is until willowy Chloe is assigned the desk next to him, she has other ideas. Peter soon gives in to her siren song and lets Chloe seduce him but he just does not know how to deal with this beautiful woman and her lusts. Does Chloe have the patience to teach him to play in harmony with her natural sensuality or will he be forever doomed to a solitary life with only his music for comfort?

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Peter is an antisocial, fat, and lonely man. He is use to being rejected so when Cloe, the new girl, tries to gain his attention through kicks and prods, he is astonished.

This is a short story but very good written. I really enjoyed it. Because it is so short, I couldn’t give it more than 4 stars.

Publisher: House of Erotica
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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