Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter Solstice by Michelle Garren Flye

Assignment from hell or love of a lifetime?

Becky Gray thought her new job in the Public Relations Office of Buncombe County Hospital would be easy, but her first assignment takes her onto the front lines of the Emergency Room. Assigned to follow sexy Dr. John Grant whose reputation as a womanizer is only matched by his skill as a physician, Becky is caught up in a whirlwind of emotion and drama. Can she find safety in the arms of a man she should despise?

Explicit sex and some graphic descriptions

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Becky Gray was the new public relations guru to a small community hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, named Buncombe County Hospital.

In her first day, while she meets almost all the people around, she also meets Dr. John Grant and I totally loved their meeting:
“I’m Dr. John Grant. I’ve heard you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, and you’re here to make me look good.”
“Surely you don’t need me for that.”

And after two weeks of visiting most of the departments, becoming familiar with the procedures and the doctors, establishing contact with the area newspapers, and even taking a few reporters out to lunch, she gets her new task from her boss, Adam Greeley and it is… to follow Dr. John Grant around for a month. Wow, the same man she starts to feel attraction for. And slowly, she starts to see him as a kind, honorable, and totally amazing man and not only the womanizer almost everyone thinks he is.

I just love how Ms. Michelle Garren Flye is drawing John, making him real to the writers, real to me:
“It’s not always easy, is it?” She stood her ground, determined not to let the moment pass. John Grant, after all, was her assignment.
He froze. “What’s that?”
“Moving on to the next patient when the last one still needs help.” She bit her lip, hearing more sympathy in her voice than she’d intended.
“No.” His voice was soft, almost lost in the continuous activity of the room. “It’s not always easy. And there are no easy answers, either. You get used to it.”
“Do you?” She took a step closer to him.
He glanced over his shoulder and smiled a little. “You do. Now let’s get going.”

And the descriptions of what he was feeling for Becky are so wonderful they make me crave a John of my own… only if I could just order him from the internet, it would be so great (nowadays we can order anything from the internet so, why not a man, why not John?)
This woman was something else entirely from John’s previous experience with women. He wanted to wrap her up and keep her warm and safe at the same time he wanted to release her and see what she was going to do next. When he’d seen her in the reading room watching him, he’d felt a mild shock when their gazes met, but that was nothing compared to what he’d felt when their lips had touched just moments before.
So, let’s talk now a bit about Becky: she is timid, she doesn’t do one-night stands, and she is falling for John:
“I can’t do this. I’m just too vulnerable, that’s all, that’s the only reason I ever even considered it. I’m not the type for a one-night stand, and especially not with a guy I barely know.”
Wow, I have to stop adding my favorite scenes of the book or I will never finish the review. And all of them are from the first part of the book… could you imagine what would happen if I add them from the whole book?

Well, with the appearance of Becky’s ex, the situation between them is just getting worse, because although Becky want’s John, she doesn’t know if that is a good thing, so she tries to deny the feelings she has for him. And after she lets them together, her ex alone with John, John tells her:
“I didn’t tell him that we’d spent the most incredible night of my life together and I’ve had a hell of a time keeping my hands off you ever since.”
Isn’t he the sweetest and perfect man in the world?

However, not everything is going well… the author adds misunderstandings and past lovers to the story and that gives it the action the story needs.

I think I said before that paranormal is my favorite genre, but I always take the chance of finding good writers… no matter the genre. And Ms. Michelle Garren Flye is a good one, a very good one; my favorite writers’ list keeps growing…

Now, I will put into words what I think about the book: we have outstanding characters, wonderful storyline, great dialog, and delicious humor that just adds flavor to the story. And the way she adds the medical terms with the story just fills me with wonder. Do you already know how many stars I’ll give it? 5 stars, of course. And I totally recommend it. Besides, I hope Ms. Michelle Garren Flye could extend her magic over me and send me a John for myself.

Publisher: Lyrical Press


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