Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bannockburn Binding (Beloved Bloody Time 1) by Tracy Cooper-Posey

In the early 23rd Century, vampires learned how to travel back in time, and created a time-tsunami that threatened life as we know it, until they corrected their mistake. They created the Chronometric Conservation Agency, which is tasked with preserving history and therefore protecting humanity’s future. The Touring arm of the Agency offers trips back into the real past, with vampire guides, called travellers.

When Natalia (Tally) Marta, vampire and traveller, takes her client to visit the siege of Stirling Castle in 1314, she is caught and held hostage for ransom by Robert MacKenzie, a Bruce clansman. Rob finds himself drawn to the wilful, stubborn and very different English lady he has captured and the relationship becomes an intimate, highly-charged sexual pairing. Swiftly, Tally and Rob realize their bond is more than sexual, that the emotions stirring their hearts are true.
Christian Lee Hamilton, vampire, one of the last true southern gentlemen, and Tally’s ex-lover, knows the 1314 time marker enough to jump back and help Tally return home. His arrival at Bannockburn adds complications, for Christian finds himself drawn to Rob MacKenzie as much as Tally is. But neither of them can stay in the past forever. To do so means certain death.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
For the love of a woman, a man can do anything…

Natalia Tally Marta is a vampire, who can take ordinary people for a visit into the past, in the 14th Century. However, her last trip went wrong; and she and her client were captured and held hostage for ransom by Robert MacKenzie, a Bruce clansman and they soon fall in love.

When Christian, Tally’s old lover, comes to get her, he discovers that she is pregnant and she must stay until she gives birth; but she can’t stay too long or she will have a terrible death. The three of them start to have a relationship until Christian and Tally have to return to the present.

Rob will do whatever it takes to live and find them in the 23rd Century.

It was a wonderful, unique, and imaginative story. Natalia and Christian are vampires and when they are traveling to the past, the symbiot that makes them a vampire is in stasis so they feel human again. But they can’t stay too long there or they will have a terrible death.

When it seems all books have so much in common, it is hard to find one that is truly new. Ms. Tracy Cooper-Posey created a wonderful story, with delightful characters and although the story is set in the future and in the past… the storyline is incredible. I must confess I’m dying to read the next book in the series!

I’m rating it 4.5 stars.

Publisher: Amazon Kindle
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