Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Rare Thing by Alex Douglas

Benedict Smith is an artist-turned-mature-student, and is feeling the pinch of funding his new studies. Forced to sell some of his grandmother’s jewelry to get some extra cash, it’s not just the antiques that have caught his eye but also Sam, the handsome owner of Carson’s Antiques. However, Sam has jewelry of his own – a wedding ring. Resigned to another doomed crush on a married man, Benedict brings an old necklace in to be valued with surprising results. Is all jewelry really what it appears to be?

Reviewer: PurpleRose
This short novella is about Benedict, a 39 year old man who has decided to go back to school to become a teacher after realizing he isn't making enough money as an artist. Benedict has had no success with relationships in the past and has even dated a married man. He needs a little extra money for books so he decides to sell some of his grandmothers old jewelry and boxes. At the antiques store he meets Sam, the owner of the store, who he has had a crush on for a while but believes is married. After a second encounter with Sam, Benedict asks him out but during the date confronts him about the wedding ring he use to wear.

I loved Alex Douglas's A Rare Thing, I just wish it had been longer. I would have liked to know more about Benedict's past relationships, did he date more than one married man, did he ever have any long term relationships, why were all of his relationships so bad? I would have also liked to learn more about Sam's relationship with his ex-husband. He mentioned that he was clingy, which kind of bugged me because why was he clingy, and would Sam end up thinking Benedict was also clingy because Benedict clearly needs someone who will show him the love that he has been lacking for years.

Besides wanting more, this novella was very enjoyable and I'm giving it 4.5 stars.

Publisher: Torquere Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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