Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nanny Dearest by Shawn Bailey

Late for an important Hollywood event and stood up by his usual babysitter, Hunter Monroe hires a sitter sight unseen to watch his son. The last person he expects to find when he opens the door is a twenty-three year old man with long black hair, a gorgeous face, beautiful blue eyes and flawless skin.

Terry Rayburn isn’t sure what to make of Hunter Monroe or the strange feelings that he get whenever the man looks at him. He’s never had a real family before but feels right at home whenever he visits the Monroe mansion to care for Hunter’s infant son Chase. Chase is adorable but he seems to have an unusual attachment to Terry from day one. Is it just his imagination, or does baby has plans of his own?

Reviewer: TigerLily
I’ve only read one other Shawn Bailey book Cherish, which I really enjoyed. So I was excited to hear about Nanny Dearest…Who doesn’t love a story about a little one bringing 2 people together!

Hunter is a big time cosmetologist, and in a major bind, his babysitter has up and left without much notice…and he’s late for an important event! So he takes the advice of good friend and coworker, and hires Terry to come watch his infant son Chase. Chase it seems latches on to Terry immediately!

Terry in the mean time, is just finishing up college, studying to be a child psychologist and nutritionist. To help pay his way through college he’s been babysitting for as long as he can remember. Upon meeting Hunter, he feels an attraction pull, that leaves him uncertain, yet he’s pretty much wrapped around Chases little fingers! *which is so cute and adorable!*

This started out cute, and pretty much remained cute through out. Chase you can’t help but love, he loves to keep his Daddy Hunter on his toes, yet is unusually clingy to Terry. The chemistry with Hunter and Terry though, were not so fulfilling, they were a little blah for me at some points. It felt like it needed more time to work out a few kinks? Certain areas were a let down, but than there were still moments that I liked and found it sweet. In all it was a good read.

I give this 3 stars…for the cute adorable Chase moments!

Publisher: Silver Publishing


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