Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dark Soul Vol. 3 by Aleksandr Voinov

In "Dark Lady I," as Silvio Spadaro plans to take on the Russian hit squad that kidnapped his boss, he decides the best way to deal with four extremely dangerous men is to become an even more dangerous woman.
In “Dark Lady II,” Stefano discovers yet another disturbing—and arousing—truth about Silvio and how easily Silvio can use a man’s weakness to his own ends.
“Dark Brother” brings another player to Stefano Marino’s household. Franco Spadaro has just been released from the French Foreign Legion and is catching up with his little brother. In the middle of a war, a skilled sniper comes in right on time—but two Spadaros might be more than Stefano can handle.

Reviewer: RedDragonfly
Dark Lady I
In the first installment of this book, we see Silvio disguised as a woman so he can enter the Russian's circle. It concentrated more on Sergei the Russian leader and showed a small part of his human side, I even felt a little sorry for him. Silvio’s revenge was ruthless but still, some small part of his fragile and innocent side showed at the end.

Dark Lady II
The mystery of Silvio keeps confusing Stefano and his desire for him grows. The sex scene was tender in its own way.

Dark Brother
Wow, just wow. This I did not expect and I'm not gonna spoil it by telling. Marco’s presence sheds some light into Silvio’s past. As if one Spadaro was not enough, Stefano has to deal with another one. I feel that in the next volume his hands will be full with the two brothers.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get more intriguing, this volume proved me wrong. Surprises never stop with Voinov. His writing is so compelling that you can’t help but keep reading to reach the high peak. I'm looking forward to Vol. 4 of this series. Please don't take too long!

I give it 4.5, just because I wanted to have closure this time but didn't get it.

Publisher: Riptide Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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