Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sinfully Sexy (Leather and Pleasure 3) by Jennifer Labelle

Sable Dixon and Lila Davis have been lovers since they started working at the ever popular fetish club Leather and Pleasure, but Lila has curiosities and would like to know how Sable feels about having a third join them sometime. She’s a little nervous, but can’t shake this fantasy that she hopes to enact sometime soon. So when Sable accepts and seems eager to have it happen, why is it that she suddenly feels nervous?

Lila is the love of Sable’s life, but when she’s approached with the tempting request of having a threesome, Sable is all for it and quickly invites Parker into the mix. He’s good looking, respectful, sexy as hell and there’s no one else she’d rather share Lila with. One invitation turns into so much more where fantasies are lived, and one sinfully sexy night has them all coming like they never have before.

Reviewer: Jasmine
This is a short story, exciting, hot, and sexy, which follows a menage a trois, between lovers Sable Dixon and Lila Davis, and Parker. The story is well written. The sex scenes flow off the pages from the narrative of when Sable and Lila tie up Parker and spend a sinfully hot night, to the phone sex.

I very much liked the writing style of Ms. Jennifer Labelle. I give Sinfully Sexy 4 stars and invite you to read this book.

Publisher: Romance Divine
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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