Monday, February 6, 2012

The Unrepentant Rake by Barbara Monajem

Beatrix March chose to be a governess rather than let an overbearing husband rule her. Even though she never intends to marry, it doesn't mean she can't enjoy a man' —especially when presented with one as tempting as notorious rake Simon Carling!

Simon doesn't usually seduce virtuous governesses, but Beatrix is unlike any woman he's ever encountered. Her luscious curves were made to grace a man's bed, and he's never denied himself such satisfaction before.

Flouting society's tedious conventions, in favor of thrilling chemistry, may force Beatrix and Simon to contemplate the unthinkable—marriage!

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
After reviewing a particular bad book, I decided to give this book a try, especially since it's a Harlequin Undone! And I wasn't disappointed.

Beatrix March is a damsel in disguise. While working as a governess, one of her pupil's stole from her a holy reliquary, a twelve-hundred-year-old toe bone belonging to St. Davnet; it had been in her family for centuries. And she has to find it or her uncle and aunt will force her to marry.

The notorious rake Simon Carling is visiting the March’s to help his best friend propose to their older daughter and he finds himself enchanted with their governess. He agrees to help her and soon will do anything to persuade her to marry him.

It was a wonderful story. It has everything: intrigue, deep characters, and sizzling scenes. Beatrix is a determined woman, who doesn’t want to marry. She decides to work as a governess until she’s thirty years old at which time she will receive a small inheritance. And Simon is a rake who didn’t know what he was waiting for until he sees Beatrix. The only thing I didn’t really understand was: if she was rich enough and had two London seasons, why was she working as a governess? That’s why I will rate it 4.5 stars.

Publisher: Harlequin Historical
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DaVinciKittie said...

I loved Barbara's Bayou Gavotte vampire series book Tastes of Love and Evil. I haven't read any of her non-PNR, but I imagine it is just as yummy! I also love these London ton romances with the "rakes"- they remind me of Johanna Lindsey's Mallory series, which were my absolute faves as a teenager. =) Mmmm, James!

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