Monday, February 27, 2012

Amethyst Moon (Prides of the Moon 5) by Ann Mayburn

Noah Braxton's world has been turned inside out and upside down ever since the fateful moment six months ago when he was turned into a shifter by a dying college girl. She made him promise to look after her sister, Giselle, and in an effort to sooth the dying girl he promised her that he would, not realizing the sacrifices he would have to make to keep that promise. Bound by his oath, Noah struggles to fulfill his role of beta to Giselle, an Alpha female, but he can't be everything she needs. He's gay and in order to bond properly with his Alpha female they would have to have sex. Without that bond with an Alpha he is slowly going crazy but he can't force himself to be attracted to a woman. His last hope at saving his mind and his soul lies with Madame Eve of the 1 Night Stand matchmaking service being able to find him a male Alpha that can bridge the gap between himself and Giselle.

Marcus and Vashan have come to Morgantown, WV in the hopes of finding an Alpha female to complete their Pride. Instead they find Noah, a man on the edge of insanity who is also a natural dominant. Despite this both men are instantly drawn to Noah and decide to help him. Marcus will have to use all his strength as an Alpha to dominate Noah and show him that submission to his Alpha doesn't make him weak.

Reviewer: RedDragonfly
To fully enjoy this series you must have at least read Oynx Moon or all previous books in the Prides of the Moon series. I am not sure I like how the males meet and bond in 1 book and then join with their Alpha female in another. Though in this book the Alpha and Beta males join with Beta Noah, a human who's been turned and must bond in order to survive.

Marcus and Vashan are back and clearly are looking for a Alpha female as biology demands they have a female mate to produce children with, so it was surprising they chose to bond with another Beta who is male. While this has been my favorite so far in the series, I would have liked to have known more about the rogue shaman alluded to in the previous book and if he/she will be around in future books.

Will we hear if Giselle chooses Marcus and Vashan as mates in another book or will it be another shifter couple? I patiently wait to find out. I give this book 3.5 stars.

Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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