Thursday, February 23, 2012

Perfectly Hopeless by Holly Hood

Every summer, when the willow trees blow lazily in the breeze Maven Wilder goes back to Portwood. At one time she was sure she knew what love was. She thought she was in it, but not anymore.

Maven never expected to meet Henri Levitt that summer. A brown-haired, brown-eyed guy that keeps to himself and is always working odd jobs, Henri lives with relatives and comes off a bit depressed. He’s happy to stay busy, and if that means little social life, that is fine by him.

Nobody in Portwood thinks twice about Henri. And it’s only after an embarrassing accident happens at The Yogurt Hut that Maven even notices him. After meeting Henri that day, Maven’s life changes in ways she never counted on.

Spending the summer with Henri shows Maven there is more to life than heartbreak, and that some people do change you for the better. Maven learns a lot over the summer. And after meeting Henri, her life will never be the same.

Reviewer: Fashionta
Summer in Portwood is tradition for the Wilder family, along with most of their town but for Mavern, the middle child, she'd rather be at home. However, things are about to change. She meets Herni and things start to look up, but there's a secret that could tear them apart.

What can I say for this book? I loved it! It's an enchanting book and I loved the little three word descriptions instead of chapters to describe what's happening next. It's an interesting book and refreshing to see a YA book that has a romance that's sweet, rather than all about the sex, which today’s culture has made a huge thing out of. The book is a magical journey that must end but it will leave you with hope.

Fans of A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks will fall in love with this bitter-sweet YA romance story from Ms. Holly Hood. I couldn’t put it down until I read the last page. I have to give this book 5 stars.


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