Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dutch's Boy by Xavier Axelsson

Fulfilling your dream isn’t easy, especially if you’re the son of well-known rodeo rider Dutch Reynolds. Dutch doesn’t want to see his son Harry leave the family ranch until he feels Harry is ready. But for Harry, his dream of riding broncos at the rodeo seems to be passing him by. With the moral support of his best friend Reb, Harry takes his life in his own hands and leaves the ranch before Dutch can stop him. Chance encounters, sex and love soon teach the young cowboy life lessons that he will not forget.

Reviewer: CitrusFruit
I'm giving Xavier Axelsson's Dutch's Boy four stars. I would have given this novella five stars but there just wasn't enough details about the rodeo, and since I know nothing about that lifestyle, I found myself not able to follow it sometimes. It seemed like there should have been a thousand more words to explain how the rodeo circuit worked.

I also had a problem with the character Blake at the beginning of the story; the guy was just completely creepy in my eyes. Later, when he is reintroduced in the story, he grew on me and I found him more enjoyable and his sense of humor was pretty funny. However, at the start of the book when Harry met him on the train and he became Harry's first sexual encounter, Blake had Harry get him off by rubbing his penis with his gun (which he said was loaded) that for me was just totally an eek factor and made me want to skip the scene.

Other than my issue with the lack of info on the rodeo life, Harry was completely adorable and I loved how he had a habit of always talking to himself whenever he was alone. I also liked the love that Harry and Reb shared for each other, you could tell they were both crazy about each other, and I love how jealous Reb was when he found out about Blake and Harry. This was a very nice coming of age story and I liked the ending a lot, I thought it was perfect for the story and proved that Harry wasn't just Dutch's boy.

Publisher: Seventh Window Publications
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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