Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Question by Sean Michael

Sky and Will have been best friends for a long time and every Saturday they get together to watch the game. Sky has a question, though, which just might change their standing Saturday plans, and their relationship, forever. Will Sky have the guts to ask it?

Reviewer: PurpleRose
I'm giving The Question 3 stars, most short stories this long (about three thousand words) would get 2 stars but I enjoyed this story a little more than most and would love to read more about these two so I'm adding another star.

I've read about twenty other Sean Michael's books and I have liked pretty much all of them, the only thing that irked me is that they sometimes have too much sex in them, but since this one was so short it was expected. The entire story is mostly one large sex scene between two best friends who have both been in love with each other for about eight years.

During their college years Will and Sky had sex one time and Sky was left bleeding and in pain so they never spoke of it again. At the start of the story Sky says he has a question for Will, which is if he knows anyone who could spank him because Sky has recently been reading about it and thinks he might enjoy it. Will, who is now a "leather daddy", tells Sky that he is the only one who will be doing anything to Sky. The rest of the story is Will spanking Sky until he gets off and them confessing they love each other.

I only had two problems with this story; the first was there were a few grammar and spelling mistakes, and with it being so short I figure that could have been easily solved. The second thing that bugged me was how many times Will referred to himself as a "leather daddy". I counted at least five, which I would have thought was a lot in a regular story. But besides those little things, I liked both the characters and would like to read more about them in the future.

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