Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Way to a Dragon’s Heart by Xakara

Dragon Shifter Kryssa Drake works twenty hour days, seven days a week, racing toward a sabbatical and hiding from the dating world after a devastating break-up that left her questioning her sense of self. The highlight of her day is the two hour lunch spent listening to Near Human Xander Luciano, co-owner of Luciano's Deli across the street, and living vicariously through his on-again/off-again relationship with Avian Caleb James. Over the years and countless intimacies of their friendship, Kryssa has grown to love Xander and the idea of Xander and Caleb, but ideas and potential are not enough to brave the pain of the past so soon.

Pastry chef and Near Human Xander Luciano has spent the last two years trying to charm Kryssa out of her vow of a five year isolation following her break-up. He's spent that same two years sorting out his feelings for his college sweetheart Caleb and trying to figure out a way to pin the restless Avian down or to finally make peace with a few months of happiess at a time. When Caleb opens the pastry cafe they always dreamed about and invites him to become a partner, Xander sees the flicker of hope that maybe half of is dream is about to come true. When he's volunteered by Kryssa's brother and boss to assist her in her current projects, as well as help her relax in his cabin up north, Xander thinks his persistance and culinary skills just might help him have it all.

Sometimes the only way to get a good man to settle down is to have a good woman help. And oft times, the most direct way to a Dragon's heart is through her stomach.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
The story about Caleb, a dormant avian, Kryssa, a dragon shifter, and Xander, who is Fae-blooded, is very complex and interesting.

Xander's heart breaks a little every time Caleb leaves and he does often, because Caleb has the migration instincts of a bird. It's an urge Caleb has always felt, but now he seems to be settling down and trying to move their relation to the next level, but Xander’s still unsure if it will work.

Xander is also in love with his best friend, Kryssa. He knows that she's had a bad relationship and it's left her reluctant to try again but he is hoping to show her that he is not like her ex, Landon.

Just when the three of them start a relationship and the future looks bright, Kryssa’s ex appears, trying to get her back. Will he succeed?

I really loved the bits of humor in the book. Like when Kryssa's blonde temp secretary asked her:
“So, you like, get scaly, and big, and stuff?”
“You’re like, warm and stuff.”...
...I’m Therian and run hot...
Well, the whole cold-blooded thing, silly. Dragons are reptiles, right?”
I found that hilarious and it made me laugh outloud. She even made the terrified dragon run like a little girl!

I give it 4.5 stars, this is a very good book, I really recommend it.

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