Friday, November 18, 2011

Winter in Paradise by T.C. Archer

On a planet turned to ice, only a warm heart is worth dying for.

When Major Kelly Andres awakens to find Major Byron Grayson gone from the cave that has been their military base the last five months, she realizes he has disobeyed her orders. He’s gone to activate the quantum disruptor that he hopes will draw enemy fire, enabling the Provisional Army to attack the enemy armada. It’s a suicide mission. And Grayson knows it.

Kelly has no intention of letting Grayson die alone in the frozen wasteland that planet Onyx has become since the war began. She’s determined to find him and bring him back to base, because when they die, she wants him in her bed.

Reviewer: Dolce Amore
I usually don’t enjoy short stories that much, because I feel like something is missing: the characters are not strong and defined enough, the backstory is not sufficiently explained or something else is just not right. But this one was a delight to read.

The book is about Major Kelly Andres and Major Byron Grayson from Onyx’s planet. They are fighting against the Kirsovals, the result of a human genetic experiment gone wrong a century ago and who are now conquering the entire galaxy. Onyx’s salvation lay in the power of the wormhole. If their scientists could draw the wormhole’s energy to power their photon beams, they could destroy the Kirsoval armada before it strikes a heavy blow to Onyx.

Kelly wakes up to find out her lover, Byron, went on a suicide mission, trying to trick the enemy and gain some extra time for their forces to destroy the mother ship. She decides to go out and try to find him and bring him back. Then she discovers that he is a Diviner and knew about the attack before it happened!

She finds out that he had planned to come back to her, but bad weather stopped him. Together, they fight their way back in the storm that has been created by the Kirsoval probe. Not knowing if the enemy will find and kill them or they will succeed.

Like I said before, I enjoyed the book a lot. The story is excitingly unique and very interesting. The relationship between the Majors is full of passion and love and is perfectly written. I could not ask more from it. I will give it 4.5 stars as it is one of the better books I have read.

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