Sunday, November 13, 2011

Forbidden by Anne Mather

"I haven't come back into your life, James," Caroline said. She was shocked to discover that the position she had accepted as governess was the in the home of the man she had spent six years trying to forget.

Aware that nothing had really changed, that he could still create havoc with her life, Caroline's first instinct was to flee.

Then she found herself trapped - by his daughter's need of her and by the demands of his invalid wife. And by her own need of James!

Reviwer: QueenBee
I loved this book, unlike another of her novels Savage Innocence which had a very similar scenario. If you ever want to read a manipulative character in a Harlequin novel then this novel is for you. As the title suggests, the book is about forbidden things. In this case they are the relationships between Caroline and James and Laura and her beau. Each of them wants the relationship but there are important factors that stands in the way. For Caroline and James it is the fact that James is married to Deborah and they have a child.

It is Laura's relationship with her beau which brings these characters together. Caroline, the heroine, is employed by the family to teach and keep a eye on Laura. However, the main storyline is based around the summer fling that happened over five years ago and comes back to haunt the characters as Deborah schemes to get her way.

Caroline has matured into a strong woman who thinks this is an opportunity not to miss because it will look good on resume. She believes that she is working for the person who invited her and doesn’t want to back down when she realizes it's not who she thinks, because her heart goes out to the misguided Laura who is lost in this world due to her parents’ issues.

It becomes a cat and mouse game as the characters have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Acquaintances become friends as schemes comes to fruition and the author keeps us on our toes with the questions of who will be victorious in this game and who will win Carline's heart.

I have to give this book 3.5 stars as is it's one of Anne Mather's better books and the main disappointment was they didn’t go into much detail about the past fling. We only know the bare details of the fling and the story could have been improved as it lacked the knowledge of the past relationship between James and Caroline.


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