Thursday, November 3, 2011

Midnight Passions by Leigh Ellwood

Living as a single mom doesn't give Colleen much opportunity for romance, and when her only shot with Daryl goes sour, she reluctantly settles for a good book borrowed from her neighbor. What handsome John neglects to tell her, though, is that his library is filled with titles of magical quality - open the book and you're in the story!

When Colleen finds a book on John's shelf called "Midnight Passions," she realizes reading is fundamental ... for her sex life.

(Note: This story was previously published in Phaze Fantasies, Vol. 1.)

Reviewer: BlueBell
Colleen is a divorcee who seems to be torn between her eight-year-old daughter Melissa and her loser boyfriend Daryl. However all that changes after she discovers the magic of books.

Daryl comes across as a self-centered pig who believes the only needs and wants that should be met are his. In fact he reminded me of a petulant schoolboy with a sense of entitlement who would sulk when he couldn’t get his own way.

When Colleen is stuck for a babysitter her daughter Melissa suggests their landlord and neighbor John Spence. Although a little wary as she doesn’t know him very well, Colleen agrees after being pressured by Daryl who wants to go out. The following evening Colleen discovers that Daryl is cheating on her and tosses him out. She runs out of the house naked after him to give him the rest of his clothing. Enter knight in shining armor John Spence who just happens to be outside and covers her with a robe and takes her back inside to listen to her tale of woe.

John also tells her of the magical books left to him by his Grandmother, even takes Colleen into the magical world of the books. Later Colleen inadvertently enters the book's fictional world and finds John’s brother in the midst of an erotic tale. It was foretold that the love of their lives would come to the Spence brothers via the magical books their grandmother had enchanted for them.

I liked the story, the characters were believable. A lot of women these days do work outside of the home and they can lose track of what is happening in the lives of their children as Colleen appears to, but she still comes across as a mother who does love her child. She’s just busy with work and being recently divorced, and Daryl and his self-centered attitude isn’t helping her. I loved another twist in the story involving John Spence and don’t want to spoil it, so will not be dropping any hints, sorry. Read the book. 3/5

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