Sunday, November 13, 2011

Be With Us by Lynn Tyler

Lindsay, a conservative librarian, has always fantasized about being with two men who love her and each other. Much to her dismay, two hot men walk into the Toronto library where she works, eager to make that fantasy come true. But, wary of the scandal a ménage relationship would bring, Lindsay sends them away.

After being convinced to give them a chance, Lindsay begins to realize how close to reality her fantasy is, until a reminder of her painful past surfaces and her fears take over.

Will Lindsay have the courage to seize what she wants, or will she let her past dictate her future?

Reviewer: BlueBell
Lindsay is a librarian who is approached by Nick and Liam, a couple who believe they've found their permanent third in her.

Lawyer Nick has lived with his partner, firefighter Liam, for five years. They are totally committed to each other but both desire a permanent third and believe Lindsay is the one who will totally complete them.

The only thing I actually liked about Lindsay was she shares the same name as a family member. Harsh, I know, but she epitomizes everything I can’t stand in a heroine. Afraid of her own shadow, scared she may or may not be gossiped about or that gossip will put a damper on her budding relationship with Liam and Nick - oh, and then maybe the guys will end up leaving her! All these doubts, of course, before she’s even really taken the first step. I got that she had a lot of issues stemming from her childhood but for heaven’s sake, give me a heroine with a spine! I wanted to slap her and I kept wishing both Nick and Liam would realize they were better off without the aggravation.

Nick and Liam however were awesome, I loved them both, although there were times I was like - when is enough, enough? They allowed Lindsay to walk all over them both. She even casts them aside and still they both stand by her - give the guys a medal, they deserve one. The chemistry between the two guys was hot and believable. 3/5

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