Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dancing With Fireworks by Shawn Bailey

Dances with Fireworks is a collection of stories by Brianna Martini, Audrina Leone, Donna B. Snow, Shelia Burket, and Shawn Bailey celebrating romance and the love of dance.

Reviewer: CitrusFruit
Tripping the Light Fantastic takes place the night before Isaiah and Juan Luis are to have a huge ballet performance in front of the Queen of England. They go out to drink with the other male ballet performers and Juan Luis gets so drunk that Isaiah has to help him get back to his suite. Once there, Juan Luis confesses he has been in love with Isaiah from the moment he first saw him. But Isaiah thinks its wrong for two men to be together so Juan Luis shows him that it is not wrong and can be beautiful between two men. The story ends the following night after the performance with Isaiah stating that he has always been in love with Juan Luis but he just didn't understand his feelings before Juan Luis showed him.

This review is only for Tripping the Light Fantastic by Shawn Bailey. I did not read the entire Dancing with Fireworks Anthology because the other stories are m/f and I hardly ever read that genre. This is the second book by Shawn Bailey that I've read (the first was Cherish which was beyond amazing and I highly recommended to any m/m fan), and although this was just a short novella, I also very much enjoyed this story. I'm giving this 4.5 stars, the only reason it's not 5 is because I just wanted more! I would love to read about when Jean Luis and Isaiah had met two years before or had more about them falling in love with each other.

Publisher: XOXO Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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