Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lady of the Drake by J.V. Altharas

Lana's village is being consumed by a devastating plague. The last hope for a cure lies in a forbidden forest claimed by dragons.

Deep in the woods she finds a breathtaking realm of sorcery and untamed passion. Alaron, the seductive keeper of the forest, offers what she seeks and more.

She’s swept up in the mysterious keeper’s world of secrets, lust and magic; but the entire kingdom is dying--and there may be no way to save it!

Reviewer: Fashionta
This is a fantasy story about Lana, a village healer and and Alaron, a dragon shapeshifter.

Lana is distraught. The villagers are dying and the only cure for the illness affecting them would be dragon bane, but in order to make it she will have to enter the Ashen forest, home to mysterious and dangerous creatures. There she meets Alaron, the keeper of the forest who gives her the plants needed and promises to teach her how to prepare the cure if she keeps their meetings a secret. Gradually they fall in love and the time comes when Lana has to choose whether she wants to stay with Alaron forever, in which case she’d have to leave the village and never come back.

Meanwhile, the same disease that attacked the village is causing a lot of deaths in all the kingdoms, and King Balthus has to convince the dragons to make peace with humans and give them the dragon bane they so desperately need.

The plot is quite original and the story dynamic so I enjoyed reading it. However I’m much less enthusiastic about the characters. While I applauded Lana’s bravery and willingness to save others maybe at her own expense, she’s too sexually extroverted for me to relate to. Besides loving Alaron, she engages in lesbian sex with her sister-in-law and ménage sex with her brother-in-law and other men from the village. She at least seems to be a colorful personality, Alaron on the other hand is a pretty bland character. All we can say about him that he’s a noble dragon who loves Lana and is willing to share her with others as long as she doesn’t get pregnant by them (and there are dragon ways to ensure the paternity). I give it 3 stars.

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