Monday, November 14, 2011

Dragon Rider's Woman by Freya Garth

Doraya escapes a life of drudgery thanks to attractive dragon rider Goril and his sexy dragon Fiami. Then she discovers that throwing in her lot with Goril and Fiami means she has inadvertently become the sexual property of their whole tribe. Doraya joins seven other women who live with the thirty--five dragon riders and are shared fairly between them.

The riders are desperate for more women to join the tribe, but the traditions of their land make this almost impossible. Each rider is good-looking and kind, but it is Goril who Doraya adores. Doraya’s unexpected mind-meld with Fiami threatens her mental health but ultimately brings her closer to Goril. Can Doraya solve the riders’ problem, and in so doing win Goril’s love as well as his lust?

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Doraya is living as a lowly kitchen drudge in the palace of King Panac because she had nowhere to go. She saw Goril many times in the past, while he made short visits with the king and she was attracted to him, but he is a dragon rider and she was just a nobody.

But one night Doraya asked Goril if she could go with him, even though she was afraid because of all the stories she heard about the dragon riders and their dragons. When a woman goes with a dragon rider she is never seen again, so she didn't know what would happen! People believe that the women are eaten by dragons, or enslaved, or used, abandoned, and left for dead.

When Doraya asked Goril to take her with him, she didn’t expect to find seven happy women with thirty-five men. Her lover can claim her for at least two weeks, but after that he will have to share her with the other dragon riders.

But when they make love for the first time, something happens and Doraya melds with Fiami, Goril’s dragon, the same way he melded with the dragon when he was a kid. Could he succeed in training her? Could he save her and teach her what she must do to keep her identity while feeling the dragon’s emotions?

The story is unique and charming. I enjoyed it, although I feel like Ms. Freya Garth could have extended it a little bit, especially the end. The characters are fine, not amazing, but there are ok, and the sex scenes are well written, even the lesbian ones.

I will give it 4 stars.

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