Friday, November 18, 2011

Barely a Master (The Hunt Club Chronicles 2) by Heather Boyd

The trappings of wealth and power give Aiden Banks, Duke of Lewes, little joy and certainly no pleasure. Tormented by grave mistakes he made with a past lover, he's determined to end it all and has a pistol ready and waiting especially for the occasion. All he needs is patience and time to educate his young heir to take his place. Once he's free, he'll end his lonely existence and escape the pain of Archer's disappearance.

Terrance Bridgewater has freedom at long last with no one to slow down his pursuit of reckless pleasure. He's in London briefly en route to a ship bound for the continent to see the things he's only read about. Running into the dark and dangerous Duke of Lewes is a complication he'd hoped to avoid. Terrance would rather forget the wicked games he played with the duke and his role as the dominant whore, Archer, at the Hunt Club.

Despite his mistrust, the volatile duke's plea for a second chance tempts Terrance to lower his guard. Yet what can come of two souls with nothing in common but lies and lust, two men with opposite desires and far different plans for the course of their life.

Reviewer: BlackTulip
Almost an Equal, the first book of The Hunt Club Chronicles was very good, but this one is even better!

Right now, all that the powerful Duke of Lewes had in mind, was to take his pistol and just pull the trigger. He's grown too tired of pretending he liked living. But he had a last duty to perform, to teach his nephew and heir how to become a duke; the quicker the better, because he couldn't wait years. It had to be very soon because he was suffocating, responsibilities and duty were dragging him irremediably to the bottom.

Once, three years ago, there has been someone and maybe some hope, but he had driven the man away and it still tortured him. Truth be told, he was utterly lost without him, Archer, his wonderful dominant whore! But he had not known how essential he was to him until it was two late. And he knew too well, there won't be a second chance.

But one night, walking in Covent Garden, he saw him again and it was a shock for both.

Archer, or rather, Terrance Bridgewater, will have none of that again. He was free now and in control of own his life. In a few days he would leave London and see the world with his own eyes, not through books anymore.

He agrees to one last night, but he won't play a part, he will just be himself, Terrance. Unfortunately or fortunately, this one night will be a revelation for both of them.

Aidan, the Duke of Lewes, was taught to guard his heart and show only indifference but those few hours with Terrance only showed him that he wanted more, he needed more from the man he didn't know anymore. But he was too afraid to share his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Terrance was in serious trouble himself. It had to stop now because last night was only a farewell, in a very short time he will be gone.

Of course, there is much more to it. First a whole range of emotions, like hope, doubts, jealousy, fear, and surprise. And then there is a very ingenious dramatic turn of events that follows which will lead to a very satisfying conclusion.

It was a wonderful book, full of intense emotions. I'm very much looking forward to reading the next one! I give it 5/5.


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