Friday, November 11, 2011

Maybe Baby by Melissa James, Michelle Douglas, Nikki Logan

One tiny blessing. . . Anna and Jared West must reunite to look after baby Melanie at their Outback home. As if changing nappies and sleepless nights aren't enough of a challenge, Anna and Jared must confront what went wrong in their marriage. One new arrival . . . Sapphie turns up in the Outback to fulfil her sister's wishes and find her nephew's father. Instead she finds Outback cattleman "Uncle" Liam, who doesn't seem happy about a woman and baby landing on his doorstep! One big secret . . . When Lea became accidentally pregnant she decided that she would go it alone. Australian rodeo star Reilly wasn't the sort of man who'd want to be tied down. But five years later she needs to tell him her secret...

Reviewer: Fashionta
Maybe Baby is an anthology consisting of three stories about three sisters in the Outback, each of them dealing with baby issues. It can be infertility, a baby left in their care or a child's sickness, and while none of the sisters are searching for romance eventually they all find it.

One Small Miracle by Melissa James
The first story is about Anna and Jared West, a young couple who are still coming to terms with the fact that their son died and Anna had hysterectomy. Now separated, the couple are forced to come together as Anna is named temporary guardian of baby Melanie. Grief and regrets still stand between them but they are aware this is their second chance and will face trials and tribulations while working together towards agreement on their past and future.

The Cattleman, the Baby and Me by Michelle Douglas
The second story is about Sapphie who is best friends with Anna and her sister. However, what the girls don’t know is that Sapphie's actually their half-sister which is discovered in this story. Sapphie is at the end of her tether. Her sister Em just reappeared in Sapphie’s life and before going to jail dumped her son Harry on the unsuspecting aunt. What's more, to fulfil Em’s wish Sapphie now needs to find Harry's father who happens to be dead, and she ends up stuck with his brother Liam. The two strangers share only a blood bond with the baby and mutual hate, but they are forced to work together as Sapphie’s conscience doesn't let her to leave Harry on his own with Liam. As a typical Harlequin it ends with a happily ever after.

Their Newborn Gift by Nikki Logan
The third story is about Anna and Sapphie’s older sister Lea who has a daughter called Molly. She decided to take the single mother route but when she finds out her daughter is sick she's forced to seek the girl's father's help. She wants to have another baby with the same genes as it seems to be the only way to keep Molly alive. The father, Reilly, is none to happy to be suddenly confronted with all that but agrees to her wild scheme. However he forces Lea to sign a rather unsavory agreement. Of course later he falls in love with his ready-made family, but his pride won’t let him tear up the agreement.

I enjoyed all three stories, and liked in particular how they managed to fit them all in one 3-year timeline. This anthology didn’t stand out compared to other Harlequin ones so I had to give it three stars. Still, it was nice to see an anthology with the stories related to each other instead to the authors' other series which I may or may not have read.

Publisher: Harlequin UK
Review Courtesy Of: NetGalley


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