Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Love and War by Suzanne Barrett

The setting: a small village in County Waterford, 1993. Irish dairy farmer, Meaghann Power, struggling to make ends meet, rents her converted castle keep to an embittered war correspondent wounded in Bosnia. Quinn Lawlor has come to his ancestral homeland to heal and to be left alone.

However, pragmatic Meaghann discovers much more than just her attractive-but-surly tenant's body is in need of healing. What begins as indifference turns to fascination, and later, desire. But can their passion survive Meaghann's own dark secrets?

Reviwer: QueenBee
Set at the height of the IRA war in Ireland, this novel is a welcome change from the typical war love story. Hurt and loss are common in a war, and the author explores them by introducing two characters who show the more realistic view of today’s war. She also aims to bring a balance, provided by additional characters presenting both views, which I enjoyed.

The author does a wonderful job of expressing the main characters' emotions about the war as they strive toward acceptance of the other's beliefs.

I have to give it 4 stars. Another well written and enjoyable book from this talented author, who's careful research is a joy to read compared to ill-researched books. I wish that we could have had a second storyline of Meg’s brother and Sara who were important characters in this story as they presented one side of the story whilst the main characters represented the other side.

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press


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