Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sierra Bride by Suzanne Barrett

Widowed rancher Wade Guthrie needs help raising his unruly young daughter and advertises for a housekeeper. Instead, he finds himself saddled with a mail order bride.

Irish immigrant Corrie Kiernan needs a place to hide. Witness to a brutal murder at the mill where she worked, she’ll do anything to escape the killer who now threatens her life, even if it means marrying a stranger and weaving a web of deception. Falling in love with the handsome rancher is easy, but can a man who values honesty above everything else love a woman whose life is a lie?

Reviewer: RedHibiscus
Wade Guthrie is a single father who is still grieving for his late wife and Corrie Kiernan is an unwanted mail order bride with a secret. She needs a new identity and a place to hide. So, she begins her new life with lies.

What I admired about Corrie's character is she is a very determined lady. Sure, she starts her life based on lies, but she has her reasons. She'd already overcome so many obstacles in her life, and she is strong enough to keep on surviving. Her life might have been hard but she doesn't complain. She's not the educated lady she pretended to be in her letters. She can sew but can’t cook and can barely read but she's willing to learn everything.

Wade is also one tough man with his own secret, together they make a very strong and determined couple. They are willing to accept each other despite all the obstacles and the flaws. If they want to have a happy life as a family they'll have to face their fears and be truthful to each other.

The story held my attention and I give it 3.5 stars.

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press


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Thank you for your honest review. Very much appreciated.

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