Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lady Hartley's Inheritance by Wendy Soliman

Clarissa Hartley is distraught when she discovers that her late husband left his entire estate to a son she knows nothing about.

Her godmother's son, Luc Deverill, the Earl of Newbury,suspects fraud. Thrown together during the social whirl of a Regency season in full swing, Luc is increasingly drawn towards Clarissa but she thinks him an idle dissipate and finds little to admire in the ways of high society.

Racing against time to foil those seeking to deceive Clarissa, Luc is horrified when she places herself in the path of danger. At last a woman has dented his impenetrable heart and he rides to her rescue. But has he left it too late to tell her how he feels?

Reviewer: PurpleRose
Clarissa Hartley is a young country widow who would very much prefer to stay in her dear Northumberland instead of having to go to London. But unfortunately, it could not be helped, her man of business had a pressing matter to discuss with her.

Her late father died three years ago and then she married their neighbor. He was a famous Egyptologist, old enough to be her father himself, both men were business partners. As to that husband, he also died fifteen months ago.

All she hopes for now is that all these legal matters will be dealt with and she will have full access to the estate's funds at last. Then, after a short stay with her godmother, Lady Deverill, she will return to her estate because there was so much to be done. The only downside is that she will have to meet with her godmother's son, the Earl of Newbury, who has a terrible reputation as a rake.

No doubt Lucien Deverill, the Fifth Earl of Newbury, knew how to have a good time. But after one of these eventful night, leaving him the next morning with a terrible headache, he asked himself, not for the first time, if all this was worth it. Because frankly, he was so tired of the "ton", everything was becoming a great bore.

She knew it! He was rude, arrogant, opinionated, self-centered, and patronizing. But quickly this very unflattering portrait that Clarissa had built of him fell apart. Luc soon showed her a side that she never expected, his compassion, intelligence, and knowledge on many subjects.

Clarissa is a very unusual young woman. Her mother died during childbirth and she was raised by her father without the help of any governess. She was used to a carefree life, she is outspoken and impetuous but like him she is also very compassionate. It is that very special combination that attracted and fascinated Luc from the start.

Her meeting with Mr. Twining, her man of business, was devastating. Everything she had worked for was gone. Her late husband had a son, and there was an existing will living him everything!

From that moment, Luc takes the lead and will use all the resources at his disposal to bring down the culprit. Because of her impetuosity, stubbornness and even in my opinion stupidity she will find herself in a threatening position, not once but twice.

It was a nice and entertaining regency story with an interesting plot but I can't say I was swept away by it. I give a 3.5/5.

Publisher: Musa Publishing
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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