Saturday, June 16, 2012

One Knight's Stand by Brooklynn Rivers


Lady Rowena's world is about to be turned upside down. She will do anything to get out of marrying Lord Hector Drageon even if it means sacrificing her life. Just when things seem hopeless, a handsome knight comes to escort her to her betrothed. Rowena can't keep her eyes off of Sir Eadric and longs to warm his bed. She is determined to experience the pleasures of the flesh and wants Sir Eadric to be the one to indulge her.

The lovers fall into temptation, but they will have to pay a price for their sordid affair. Lord Hector uses the powers of evil to tear them apart in order to have Rowena for his own. Will Sir Eadric be her hero, or will he be just a one night stand?

 Reviewer: BlackTulip

What would you do if your weak father had made a drunk wager on you, his only daughter?  
  What would you do if, because of the wager, you had to marry a man you  had seen only once, a man you don't like, a man not even slightly  attractive, a man with a frightening and diabolical aura, a man who is  simply not meant for you?  
What would you do if your  long-lost-but-never-forgotten childhood secret love were to be the one  to escort you to your unwanted betrothed?  
Wouldn't you jump at the  chance to experience just once in your life the pleasures of the flesh?  Maybe you would, but what about Rowena?  

Lady Rowena has been  born at a time where women are mere pawns in a game only played by men  and where women always lose, well maybe not this time ...  

  Brooklynn Rivers offers us here a dramatic and exhilarating short story  where no word is wasted. Her very lively descriptions take us  effortlessly into a world of dark magic inhabited by unspeakable  creatures.  

She managed to create a wonderful and intriguing  tale in One Knight's Stand that is filled with passion and danger and  brilliantly combined with some very exciting paranormal elements. Rowena  and Eadric are childhood friends who grow to love one another but never  say it aloud. And then it is too late: Eadric leaves for the Crusades  to make a name for himself, intending to return home one day and marry  Rowena. However years later, he returns home only to find Rowena is  betrothed to another. While she felt deserted when he went off to fight  in the Crusades, Eadric feels a different kind of desertion upon  return—the loss of her affection. The two main characters are indeed  meant for each other and the fact that they have this past that has  inexorably tied them to one another makes for an achingly sweet but sexy  story where the reader wonders if things can ever be set right for  them. Their past gives the story enough depth and credibility to make it  work completely.  

Despite the quality of it, I cannot help but  wish it were longer. It's the second book I've read, the first one "The  Road to Dark Desire" was perfect and I have to confess that Ms. Rivers  has become one of my favorite. I'm looking forward to reading her next  book. For now, I give this exciting tale 4/5.     

Publisher: Brooklynn Rivers  


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