Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Werewolves in London by Karilyn Bentley


Werewolf Vonda Diaz has sworn off men, until she meets sexy rancher, Tom McGowan. Try as she might there is something about him she can’t ignore. Determined to keep their relationship professional she finds herself unable to keep her distance.

Since his wife died, Tom has no interest in dating, but one look at Vonda and passion ignites. There is something different about her that draws him in. What he can’t understand is why his dog finds her so fascinating.

When Tom’s daughter is kidnapped, the two join forces to save her, not realizing the quest will unlock hidden mysteries. Will their budding love survive the secrets they discover or will those secrets tear them apart?

 Reviewer: Dolce Amore
Vonda is in heat and she wants Tom McGowan.
One long finger pointed at Sam. One nicely shaped, work hardened finger. The list of things that finger could do to her body rushed through Vonda’s brain on fast forward. It didn’t help that the man whose finger provoked such lascivious thoughts was the best-looking thing in this little Podunk town. Still, she won’t do anything, because of what happened the last time she was in heat; she had married and two months later her husband saw her converting into a wolf

Orphaned when she was two and raised by a foster family in Dallas, Vonda learned all she knew about being a she-wolf on her own. From the moment she moved to London, Montana, her only companions during the full moon days were some wolves.

She didn’t fit in anywhere. As a human she was stronger, faster and had a big hairy secret. As a wolf, her scent smelled like a human, puzzling her cousins, causing them to remain wary of her. She walked among both worlds but belonged to neither.

If being a werewolf only came with a how-to manual, things would be a lot easier.
 Her well ordered plans to steer clear of Tom go awry when she finds that his daughter has been kidnapped and she needs to help him. She is surprised to discover, however, the kidnapping is not an abduction after all and Vonda finally gets to meet werewolves like herself.

I love the humor Ms Karilyn Bentley shows in this book. Here are some samples:

Uh-oh. It looked as if she’d been eating cattle from her newest client. That couldn’t be a good thing. Maybe Tom hadn’t noticed. It could happen.

Or maybe he couldn’t sneak anywhere. “Is that you, Tom?” Vonda called.
Yep, not sneaking anywhere. Time to face her. He was a big boy, really. Yep, yep.

In the last twenty-four hours he’d had his daughter kidnapped and returned, been given a mate who turned furry once a month and discovered he was half werewolf. If he had any more revelations, he’d need to change his name to John the Baptist. 

 I love the characters of Tom and Vanda and the only complaint I can give WEREWOLVES IN LONDON is that it was too short; the story could have been a bit larger. 4.5 stars   
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press 
 Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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