Monday, June 25, 2012

Opening Worlds (Worlds #1) by Cari Z.


Captain Jason Kim is less than thrilled when the mission log for his merchant starship includes ferrying three male Perels back to their home planet after sowing their wild oats across the 'verse. After being burned in his last relationship, he wants nothing to do with the sensual, quill-haired creatures. It's just his luck that Ferran, one of the Perels, takes a distinct liking to him.

Ferran is captivated by Jason's aloof nature, but for one who must return home to domestic obligation and impending marriage, lasting romance seems out of the question. Nevertheless, his charm begins to open Jason up, and the more time they spend together, the more difficult it becomes to say goodbye.

Reviewer: WhiteDaisy

This first book was a really short one, but emotionally satisfying with a  HEA ending. Even so, I'm happy I didn't read it before the second book  was released. This allows me to go straight on to the second book to  fill in more story and not wait for months for its release. 

  Jason Kim is a captain of a merchant vessel "Silver Star". Because he  prefers life on a spaceship, his ex-partner, Blake, left. Partners for a  year, Blake and Jason's relationship fell apart because Blake cheated  on Jason with a Perelan, who had been a passenger. We see that Jason is  an emotionally burned character, deeply reserved and cold mannered. For a  year, Jason has lived only for work and his crew. On their way to the  planet Perelan, Jason's crew receives a new order: to transport 24 human  passengers and some random cargo to their home planet Ishtar and 3  Perel males back to Perelan.

If Jason never sees a Perelan  again it will be too soon. After Blake's betrayal, Jason doesn't like  the entire Perelan race. As the passengers all board, Jason reluctantly  meets all three Perels, who are the last to board. One of them is  Ferran, who introduces himself to Jason personally. Perelans are a race  of unsurpassed beauty and humans are naturally drawn toward them, easily  in thrall in their proximity. Unsettled, Jason retreats quickly. 

During next few days, Jason deliberately avoids dinner time with the  passengers, because he doesn't want to see or meet the Perels, knowing  one of them "Ferran" would be more than interesting. Perels are known  not only for their beauty but for their easy, fast emotionless coupling.  Jason doesn't want a simple one-night stand, which is all he would  expect from them. 

Jason instead plans to work around the clock  and avoid interaction however possible. But Flo, his second in command,  convinces Jason, with diplomacy, to join in at least one dinner with the  passengers. As soon as the captain enters the dinner hall, Ferran  approaches him with a desire to share some time with Jason. From this  evening on they do, eating at least once a day together. Ferran seems to  want nothing more than to spend time with Jason. He finds no other  passenger as interesting in his eyes. 

Their first stop is on  the planet Ishtar, where all 24 humans depart. Jason has a free day  before him, so with Flo's encouragement, Jason invites Ferran to spend  some free time on the planet with him. Renowned for its natural  preserve, a place with incredible fauna, Ishtar is a place Jason wants  to share with Ferran. Together, they discover the land is more like a  game preserve with an enclosed section for a butterfly pavilion. Amidst  all the beauty, Jason and Ferran become lovers. 
I really enjoyed this short "coming together" story and will definitely read the second book, too! I'm giving 4 stars.  

Publisher:Storm Moon Press

Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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