Thursday, June 28, 2012

Her Forbidden Hero by Laura Kaye


Unwillingly attending a company team bonding day, Taylor would rather be spending his time actually working. The team-building does have the advantage of letting him watch Scott and Fergus, two other gay men who work for the company. When they're told to break into small groups and tell each other something deep and meaningful, Taylor naturally gravitates to the two men.

With the suggestion of lust as a topic, and an invitation back to Fergus' place for a more in-depth (and hands-on) study, Taylor's team-bonding day is looking up!

Reviewer: Dolce Amore

Alyssa Scott has two reasons to come back to Frederick and apply for a  job at Whiskey’s Music Roadhouse: first, they pay well and second, she  would be close to Marco Vieri, her brother’s best friend and her  childhood crush.  

However, Marco isn’t the man she remembers;  after four years of doing what he loved most, being in the Special  Forces with Brady, Alyssa’s brother, they walked into an ambush that  cost them the lives of three good men and left him terribly injured.  

Opening  his eyes, he found himself kneading at his left arm, the one that had  been torn apart from bicep to wrist by a booby-trapped explosive he  barely remembered.  
Surgeons had rebuilt his arm as good as could be  expected, especially since the nerve damage was so extensive they’d  initially doubted he’d have coordinated use of his hand, but the tendon  transplant never healed right. His fingers remained weak, and his elbow  was stiff as hell.  
But the shit with his brain was worse. It  blanked out a big spot in his memory and tormented him with haunting  nightmares and frustrating apraxia, the occasional inability to say a  word and communicate his thoughts. And surgeons didn’t have a fix for  those. 
   Because of his injuries, the imperfect healing and who Alyssa is, Marco fights the attraction between them. 

 She was his best friend’s little sister. Strictly off-limits. That was guy code 101.

But when a Whiskey’s client tries to rape Alyssa, Marco realizes that  his feelings for her run deeper than he thought; he loves her.  
 Her Forbidden Hero  was an interesting story and I enjoyed reading it. Ms. Laura Kaye  paints a sympathetic, moving tormented hero paired with a decisive,  strong heroine to win his heart. However, I felt some of the secondary  characters weren’t deep enough and needed to be drawn out more. 4 stars.  

Publisher: Entangled Press
Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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