Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pilot in Command (Sector Guard #25) by Viola Grace


Helen needed more from life as a pilot than the Alliance could offer. When a handsome Azon offers her a new position, she can’t say no, to anything.

Helen has enjoyed her tenure as an Alliance pilot, but working with unpredictable crews is wearing on her nerves. When an incident of defense of the innocent via mutiny ends her career, controlling warships is over. Joining the Sector Guard felt right, but if she had known what was ahead of her, she may have held back when the handsome Azon doctor offered her a job.

Hyder has always known the matches that he sees are the perfect mate for the person he is speaking to. He may not know a name, or a location, but he knows what everyone’s perfect match looks like. Seeing himself as the Terran’s perfect match is a surprise, but when he looks her over, he is sure he is up to the challenge. He just has to put Pilot in command

Reviewer: QueenBee 

Afer twenty four books, Viola Grace has decided to finish this series with a fitting conclusion to the series by taking us to back to where it first begin. Normally I am against this sort of thing, but Pilot in Command proved to be a perfect ending to a fantastic series. By going back to the start we finally learn how some of the traditions of the sector guards and the first official mated guards were formed as they start off their lives together.

I have to give it four half stars out of five stars as a fitting conclusion to this series that I have enjoyed so much. The author writes quickly and I love that she manages to keep her stories fresh and well written. My only disappointment is that we saw less of the main male character who played an important role in the series and in the formation of sectors guards.
Publisher: eXtasy Books


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