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Done by Cassandre Dayne


Simon Preston loved his life. Between his job as a highly paid architect and his lover, Chad Murphy, things couldn’t be better. And since adopting the precocious little girl who was the love of their lives, he was ready to take the next step - marriage. After a grueling day at work, Simon decided to surprise his melded family with a homemade dinner and a selection of the finest Disney movies available. He also had another surprise in mind. Gay marriages were legalized in the state of New York and even though their relationship wasn’t perfect, Simon knew it was time to make it official. The feast prepared, he waited. And waited. 

When the call came, Simon's life was immediately shattered. In disbelief, he fell into a state of despair. How could Chad leave him and take the baby? Hell bent on getting his life back, Simon fought his inner demons, an abusive past and false truths and walked a twisted path until he was a changed man. And suddenly, he was faced with the fact no one believed Chad was really in his life. Was he truly going mad?

 Michael Dayton was a private investigator and former decorated cop. And he was the only man who believed Simon’s story. As both men slipped down a trail of lies and deceit, Michael attempted to drag Simon back from the brink of revenge and the ravages of insanity but he had demons of his own. Could the love and honesty given freely be their salvation or would Simon lose what was left of his humanity?

Reviewer: WhiteDaisy

Simon and Chad appear to be a content couple at the beginning of this  story. I could even say that although they have small problems of their  own, both of them appeared happy. Chad and Simon have lived together in  Simon's house for nearly a year. However, due to problems at work, they  haven't been emotionally close to each other for at least two months.  Not as they remember it to be at the beginning of their romance. 

  Simon knows that Chad has some troubles at work, but they never talk  about it. From the start Simon appears to be a kind, loving character.  He knows it is best to give Chad his space when Chad is having his swift  mood changes. Simon is sure that their newborn, six month old daughter  Ashley, has saved their delicate silent relationship. Before they  arranged to get Ashley through a surrogate, both of them had worked too  much and always lived past each other

It's why Simon never  suspects that Chad would be waiting and seducing him for sex, at the  beginning of this story. For Simon this is an amazing night and in his  eyes they make love. Chad is aggressive and bold, which isn’t usual for  their sex life, but Simon takes the night as a good sign for their  relationship Everything is coming along just fine; the final step to  adopting Ashley is within grasp. The very next day Simon makes a  decision to ask Chad to marry him. 

What strikes me as weird in  the story is that Simon never introduces Chad to his two best friends,  Mary and Justin. Sure, each of them have their own lives, but come on!  to live with a boyfriend for a year and never introduce him to your best  friends feels totally off. But okay, suspension of disbelief. 

Chad Murphy is an odd character. As a reader, I couldn’t place him. I  felt negative vibes about Chad right from the start. So the huge bomb  that falls the very next day didn’t come as a surprise for me. 

“Oh Mary. He left me and took Ashley away with him.”    
If something like that happened to me, I would definitely lose my mind. Simon didn’t deserve this, it is simply horrible.  

“What am I supposed to do now? He was my world. I just don’t understand.” 
I love  these two sentences. They tell you all about Simon as a character; he  was completely devoted to his precious, newly created family. “You’re  loving and giving almost to your downfall. You simply can’t blame  yourself for any of this.” I agree with Mary who is talking here. Simon  is simply too good, which made him blind to a fault.  

Mary knows  Simon needs help, that’s why she contacts a private investigator,  Michael Dayton, who is a good friend from her childhood. Michael Dayton  is a PI and former decorated cop. Mary and Michael are friends and in  her eyes, Michael is the only one who can help Simon through this  situation. Michael meets Simon the very next day. I liked Michael as a  character; he is competent, good at his work and asked Simon all the  right questions. We can see there is attraction between Simon and  Michael right from the start. Whenever they touch for a handshake, both  of them feel an electric jolt.  

I won’t write a deeper review  because every reader has a right to uncover the truth on his or her own  and there's a mystery here that needs unraveling. But I can state that I  found the ending disappointing. It was as if Simon didn’t need Michael  at all; he found Chad all on his own. And Michael's well-intentioned  white lie at the end of the story wasn’t the correct one to make. I  hated Michael’s decision. I’m giving this 3.5 stars. 

Publisher: Rebel Ink Press

Review Courtesy Of: ManicReaders


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